Patriot Vision Industries, LLC  
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Directors History and Background

John D. Palmer, President and Owner

Mr. Palmer is Founder and President/Owner of

Low VisionAids, Inc.
Vision Marketplace, Inc.
Magnifying America
The Magnifying Center
Technology Learning Center
American Vision Services
American Vision Institute
Palmer Capital Investments
Palmer Optics
Patriot Vision Industries, LLC

A true pioneer in the ophthalmic industry worldwide.  He pioneered the development of electronic reading technology under his trademark brand Magnifying America. He developed the first retail chain of stores for the vision challenged named The Magnifying Center.

He launched the private brand and trademark PATRIOT family of video magnifiers including the models PATRIOT BRONZE, PATRIOT SILVER, PATRIOT GOLD, PATRIOT PLATINUM, PATRIOT PALM, PATRIOT TOUCH, PATRIOT CLASSIC, PATRIOT VOICE, PATRIOT PRO, PATRIOT BREEZE, and others. 

Holder of multiple trademarks and having launched the nations first ever chain of stores serving the visually impaired, his works include developing and designing adaptive tools and equipment for the visually challenged.  He is a member of the National Federation of the Blind, American Council of the Blind, Board member of Massachusetts Eye and Ear, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School.

Designer and inventor, marketeer and pioneer, manufacturer and distributor, wholesaler and retailer, a multiplicty of talents have garnered this industry recognition and have inspired countless others to raise the bar in this cottage industry.

New designs and concepts are currently being worked on and scheduled to be released in years to come. Look out for the next new idea from Mr. Palmer and his unique vast knowledge of the optics and low vision industry.

His newest launch of Optometric and Ophthalmic instruments under private brand PALMER OPTICS is now being offerred to the industry which include indirect ophthalmoscopes, transilluminators, vertometers, lensometers, phoropters, auto lens analyzers, retina scopes, pupilometers, and more.